A staircase made entirely of glass – an eye-catcher that Dr. Baitinger would immediately realize using glass 3D printing if there were no technical limits. Another exciting idea that the VERROTEC authorized signatory would realize in this case is free-form infinity swimming pools made entirely of glass. In addition to the freedom of form, there would thus no longer be any sealing problems, which are often associated with the adhesive joints between two glass panes in glass pools. On the basis of these visions VERROTEC employs its employees in a targeted and effective manner in the research and development area so that everyone can participate and contribute to innovations. It is important to Dr. Baitinger that her employees are motivated and approach challenges with creativity and can also test themselves independently. VERROTEC also uses this opportunity within the AMglass+ network and thus actively supports the advancement of glass 3D printing. Here, in particular, a mature system technology including the development of reproducible processes is still required. An even better understanding of glass as a material will also be necessary to establish glass 3D printing in the construction industry. In addition to the technical aspects, it is also important to have the courage to face emerging challenges and to create trust among all decision-makers along the value chain,” says Dr. Baitinger.

Verrotec GmbH

Verrotec GmbH is a young, agile engineering services company with a focus on structural glass engineering, façade construction, steel and lightweight structures. The office specializes in cutting-edge projects in structural glass engineering, such as a walkable glass viewing platform on Mont Blanc, executed as an all-glass structure. The services of the office are complemented by distinctive competences in the field of numerical simulations of complex structures and detailed constructions as well as CFD simulations of wind loads of complex designed buildings, expert activities, consulting services as well as experimental investigations of construction details.

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