Build Environment Additive Manufacturing

BE-AM | Built Environment Additive Manufacturing is a network, annual symposium, and annual exhibition that brings together experts in 3d printing and additive manufacturing from industry, academia, design and architecture. It is a platform to share and discuss ideas, projects and technologies. The event is hosted by the Formnext fair in Frankfurt, and organized by Prof. Ulrich Knaack, Prof. Oliver Tessmann, Dr.-Ing. Philipp Rosendahl, Bastian Wibranek and Chris Borg Costanzi from the Technical University of Darmstadt


BE-AM is a yearly symposium hosted by the Digital Design Unit (DDU) and the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design (ISM+D) of Tu Darmstadt. For latest news and updates, follow this page


BE-AM.Labs is a Additive Manufacturing research cluster at TU Darmstadt. For latest news and updates on Additive Manufacturing research happening at TU Darmstadt, follow this page


BE-AM.Blog is an online database showcasing the current and past state of Additive Manufacturing in construction


BE-AM labs @ TU Darmstadt : The ISM+D Brick lab

The ISMD Brick Lab is realizing research projects in the 3d-clay printing of real scale free-form bricks for the use in building environments. Focus is currently the printing technology, the extrusion process and the final processing. Further development of 3d clay printing technique will focus on dimension, precision, speed and usable materials. Key equipment: ABB…

BE-AM 2019

THE BE-AM 2019 PUBLICATION CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE BE-AM 2019 Location: Formnext, Frankfurt Date: Wednesday 20. November 2019, 9:00 – 17:00 On November 20, 2019 the symposium BE-AM | Built Environment – Additive Manufacturing will take place at the Formnext, Frankfurt. For the fifth time, Prof. Dr.-Ing Ulrich Knaack (Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design, ISMD) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver…