“We can use the additive process to create structures that move away from flat surfaces, which we often currently have due to manufacturing. This gives us more freedom in design,” explains Dr. Baitinger, authorized signatory of VERROTEC. This will open up new possibilities in the future, especially in the architectural field. By creating 3D-printed glass elements, for example, metallic components or supporting elements could be partially or even completely replaced. One concrete example is point support structures, which are currently made of steel. Additive manufacturing of glass would make it conceivable to realize these entirely from glass in the future. VERROTEC is currently working on this innovative topic in the field of building facades together with other network partners of the ZIM innovation network “AMglass+” within the framework of a currently applied for cooperation project.

Verrotec GmbH

Verrotec GmbH is a young, agile engineering services company with a focus on structural glass engineering, façade construction, steel and lightweight structures. The office specializes in cutting-edge projects in structural glass engineering, such as a walkable glass viewing platform on Mont Blanc, executed as an all-glass structure. The services of the office are complemented by distinctive competences in the field of numerical simulations of complex structures and detailed constructions as well as CFD simulations of wind loads of complex designed buildings, expert activities, consulting services as well as experimental investigations of construction details.

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