DATRON AG was founded in 1969 as DATRON Elektronik GmbH and at that time focused its business activities on contract development of device-related software and electronic components. When a milling machine was needed for the in-house production of profiles and housings, which was not available on the market as desired, DATRON used its know-how in electrical, control and measurement technology and developed its first own CNC milling machine “DATRON M1”, which experienced its product launch in 1988. Customer demand quickly increased, so DATRON opened up a new market segment. About ten years later, the company expanded its portfolio of machine solutions by using metering pumps instead of the milling spindles Adhesive beads and sealing membranes could be applied directly to the manufactured workpieces from then on. From this process, the step to additive manufacturing was finally not far, so that the company, renamed DATRON AG in 2008, became a partner in the ZIM innovation network “AMglass+” in 2020 and now contributes to the development of new processes for the additive manufacturing of glass.


DATRON AG develops, produces and distributes innovative high-speed milling machines for the machining of future-oriented materials such as aluminum and composite materials, dental milling machines for the efficient machining of all common dental prosthesis materials in dental laboratories, high-speed milling tools as well as high-performance dispensing machines for industrial sealing and bonding applications. With the latest technology secured by numerous patents and the integration into a comprehensive service package, DATRON AG offers solutions for customers all over the world. Nearly 25 % of the employees are active in research and development.

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