“In my eyes, there is still a great deal to be researched in glass construction, especially with regard to material properties and new product developments,” explains Dr. Baitinger. In construction, glass is mostly used in the building envelope and is therefore one of the decisive factors for the appearance and physical properties of a building. Therefore, a profound understanding of the material glass in all its facets is required. In addition, Dr. Baitinger is convinced that the topic of sustainability must also be included even more in planning processes in the field of structural glass engineering. According to Dr. Baitinger, the development of a circular economy with corresponding recycling processes in order to be able to reuse the deconstructed glass will also play an important role in additive manufacturing in the future. The focus here is particularly on maintaining material properties, such as durability and strength. The topic of adhesives and sealants must also be further developed quickly from an ecological point of view. Here, for example, bio-based adhesives offer a broad field of new possibilities, but also the replacement of the adhesive by the direct application of glass structures to semi-finished glass products by means of additive processes could offer a promising solution. The latter would in particular also ensure grade purity with regard to recycling.

Verrotec GmbH

Verrotec GmbH is a young, agile engineering services company with a focus on structural glass engineering, façade construction, steel and lightweight structures. The office specializes in cutting-edge projects in structural glass engineering, such as a walkable glass viewing platform on Mont Blanc, executed as an all-glass structure. The services of the office are complemented by distinctive competences in the field of numerical simulations of complex structures and detailed constructions as well as CFD simulations of wind loads of complex designed buildings, expert activities, consulting services as well as experimental investigations of construction details.

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