“In our “Welding and Milling” project from the ZIM-funded “BuildingAM” innovation network, we started more or less from scratch in robot programming,” reports Thomas Engel, project manager at spannverbund GmbH. His colleague Jan Müller can report a number of “aha moments”: “There were many, many. Ah, the robot is moving. Ah, now it’s moving the way it’s supposed to. Ah, now this or that worked. Ah, now THAT didn’t work.” “When the robot milled off a surface for the first time, as it had previously been seen in the simulation on the computer, but then it actually did it fully automatically and something beautiful also came out of it, that was already a good moment. You’re happy that the time you put in was really worth it,” adds Thomas Engel. The knowledge gained can now be transferred beyond the actual project to other areas of application.

Spannverbund group AG

spannverbund group AG is a technical leader in steel and steel composite construction in EUROPE with 115 employees.
The group was formed by the merger of the medium-sized companies spannverbund GmbH (D) and spannverbund Bausysteme GmbH (CH).
One of the outstanding advantages of steel composite construction is the ability to carry high loads with precision via slender geometries, and this has been proven over decades.

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