Dr. Baitinger and her husband Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Baitinger have been active in the field of structural glass engineering since the early 2000s. More than 20 years ago, this topic was still relatively new in the construction industry. As a result, in addition to theoretical work, such as structural design and assessment, component and material testing quickly became an essential part of our daily work. Only in this way was it often possible to create the appropriate foundations for concrete construction projects. Due to the couple’s passion for construction, they founded VERROTEC GmbH in 2010. In the meantime, VERROTEC GmbH can look back on decades of experience in the fields of structural glass engineering, facade construction, steel construction and lightweight construction in many performance levels.

Verrotec GmbH

Verrotec GmbH is a young, agile engineering services company with a focus on structural glass engineering, façade construction, steel and lightweight structures. The office specializes in cutting-edge projects in structural glass engineering, such as a walkable glass viewing platform on Mont Blanc, executed as an all-glass structure. The services of the office are complemented by distinctive competences in the field of numerical simulations of complex structures and detailed constructions as well as CFD simulations of wind loads of complex designed buildings, expert activities, consulting services as well as experimental investigations of construction details.

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