In the last ten years, DATRON AG has grown steadily and therefore increasingly dealt with topics in the environment of process and responsibility development as well as digital transformation. Dr. Landmann himself has been with DATRON AG for 3 years. After originally joining the product development department, he is now active as division manager for research and development. DATRON AG not only drives the internal company processes in an agile manner, but also employs about 45 employees in the area of HSC milling as well as dispensing, who are dedicated to the research and development of new products and solutions. Digitalization in particular offers great opportunities for further development, but the changing needs of customers also contribute to the advancement of new products as well as their revisions. Particularly when planning major innovation projects, it is imperative that future market and trend developments are taken into account from the outset in addition to the technical cost estimate. Another important factor is the “return of investment”, i.e. the time by which the project will have paid for itself. Dr. Landmann describes the planning of DATRON AG as sustainable under consideration of best and worst case scenarios.


DATRON AG develops, produces and distributes innovative high-speed milling machines for the machining of future-oriented materials such as aluminum and composite materials, dental milling machines for the efficient machining of all common dental prosthesis materials in dental laboratories, high-speed milling tools as well as high-performance dispensing machines for industrial sealing and bonding applications. With the latest technology secured by numerous patents and the integration into a comprehensive service package, DATRON AG offers solutions for customers all over the world. Nearly 25 % of the employees are active in research and development.

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