The Digital Design Unit Lab

The Digital Design Unit (DDU) is a department in the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Darmstadt. DDU reconstructs how mankind has been tirelessly developing architecture for 4000 years and pursues the goal of making our built environment more diverse, resource-saving and sustainable.

DDU, as an integral part of the Technische Universität Darmstadt, is a place where design, research, science, engineering and critical thinking come together to rethink design and materialisation.

COLLABORATIVE DESIGN: DDU researches forms of collaboration between architects and robots both in the design studio and on the construction site.

COMBINATORIAL DESIGN: Using computational design tools and digital fabrication DDU revisits modular design in architecture with the promise of reusable and affordable buildings.

DESIGN THROUGH GAMING: DDU explores how games can be used as design environments where architectural decisions are made collectively by architects, players and algorithms.

FORMWORK DESIGN: DDU’s work on rotoformed concrete pushes forward design processes for soft and reusable formwork with the aim to reduce material consumption in construction.

IMMERSIVE DESIGN: At DDU we look at the new types of interactions that emerge in Augmented and Virtual Reality and how they are redefining architectural design.

DIGITAL RECONSTRUCTION: DDU is reconstructing historic buildings for exhibitions and research projects.

Key Equipment

2 x Universal Robot UR 10

1 x Kuka KR300 R2500 ultra 

2 x 3D Printer Prusa

Laser cutting, CNC Hotwire Cutter, Microsoft Hololens, VR Head Sets 6x HTC Vive

Fred and Ginger: the two UR 10’s at the DDU Lab


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