BE-AM | Built Environment – Additive Manufacturing is both a digital symposium and publication that brings together international experts from research and industry.

Since the first BE-AM Symposium in 2015 Additive Manufacturing has gone through a tremendous development in a breathtaking speed. A large variety of construction materials have been tested for additive processes in research and practice worldwide. Buildings have been printed in Europe, Asia and the USA. The BE-AM symposium invites speakers and participants to speculate and extrapolate how AM will change the construction industry in the coming years and decades. Furthermore, we want to exemplify and discuss strategies of integrating AM and 3D Printing into larger and more complex process chains. Within architecture and the building sector. Be-AM seeks to cover the full rage from 3D scanning existing contexts to novel forms of ideation and design methodologies that fully exploit the newly gained potentials to finally materializing innovative constructions


Prof. Ulrich Knaack
Prof. Oliver Tessmann
Chris Borg Costanzi
Philip Rosendahl
Bastian Wibranek

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