“It’s a different world”, – this is how Dr. Landmann describes the development of the machines for glass printing. “The challenges are to be found in the process itself. Not least, the high processing temperatures of glass in particular play a major role there. Our CNC machines are not designed for the high temperatures of the glass melt of about 1400 °C.” For this reason, DATRON AG is primarily concerned with innovative cooling systems as part of its development work, since such high heat inputs can have an impact on the machine’s functionality and accuracy. Therefore, high-temperature resistant materials with low coefficients of expansion are also relevant. Furthermore, simulation serves as an aid in the design of new machine components, whereby this must be extended to include the complexity of temperature effects. According to Dr. Landmann, the special feature of the new machine concept is its modular design, which always enables cost-effective adaptation to new requirements.


DATRON AG develops, produces and distributes innovative high-speed milling machines for the machining of future-oriented materials such as aluminum and composite materials, dental milling machines for the efficient machining of all common dental prosthesis materials in dental laboratories, high-speed milling tools as well as high-performance dispensing machines for industrial sealing and bonding applications. With the latest technology secured by numerous patents and the integration into a comprehensive service package, DATRON AG offers solutions for customers all over the world. Nearly 25 % of the employees are active in research and development.

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