Introducing our BE-AM 2022 keynote speakers: Waldemar Korte (MENSE-KORTE, ingenieure + architekten, Beckum) will present their work on Digital Fabrication in 3D-Concreteprinting.

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Digital fabrication in 3D concrete printing offers a high degree of design freedom, an increase in cost efficiency, as well as the improvement of the design qualities of buildings. Planning on the 3D building model is consistently transferred to the local construction, whereby the enormous potential of digital planning is exploited.
All vertical wall elements of this two storey residential house in Beckum are printed with concrete, in 2020 by Peri 3D Construction.
This home is fully permitted for living. The design with its curves, overhangs and unregular ground floor expresses the high potential of the 3d-printing technology. The special interior appearance with the visible texture of the printed walls is unique.

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