Introducing our BE-AM 2022 keynote speakers: Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme (MAEID, ETH Zürich) will present their work on Robotically 3D-Printed Soil Stuctures.

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Organic granular materials offer a valid alternative for non-biodegradable composites widely adopted in building construction and digital fabrication. Due to their physical properties and volatile nature, materials such as soil present the potential to change the way we manufacture, build and integrate material systems and environmental factors into the design process. The research „Artificial Ecology Series“ presents a novel fabrication framework that combines high-resolution three-dimensional-printed biodegradable materials with a novel robotic-additive manufacturing process for soil structures. This research shows how robotic binder-jetting processes can be used to create novel organic bio-composites overcoming typical limitations of common earth constructions.

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