There are some challenges in the machining of buildup welded structures by milling. For a perfect surface, in particular, there must be no burrs that cannot be polished out later. “The floor under our robot contained a material that was slightly yielding,” reports Thomas Engel, project manager at spannverbund GmbH. This made machining by robot imprecise and not exactly reproducible. “So we tore out the entire floor under the robot and filled it with a flow filler, realigned everything and doweled the fixture, a huge effort until the robot stood exactly level and could work precisely.” The effort paid off. The surfaces can now be machined precisely and the result is impressive.

Spannverbund group AG

spannverbund group AG is a technical leader in steel and steel composite construction in EUROPE with 115 employees.
The group was formed by the merger of the medium-sized companies spannverbund GmbH (D) and spannverbund Bausysteme GmbH (CH).
One of the outstanding advantages of steel composite construction is the ability to carry high loads with precision via slender geometries, and this has been proven over decades.

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