“Newly defined goals are not setbacks,” says Dr. Landmann. “If requirements on the market or at the customer change or can be grasped more sharply, a modification or adjustment of the target in question is part of the process.” Therefore, changes occurring in the middle of the development process are always accepted positively and taken as an improvement, especially to avoid a development past the market and the customers. For this purpose, the sales department works closely together with the application technology, the development department as well as the product management. Dr. Landmann emphasizes: “You must not confuse perceived needs with real demand,” which is why “the constant exchange with customers and the evaluation of data from the market environment is so important.”


DATRON AG develops, produces and distributes innovative high-speed milling machines for the machining of future-oriented materials such as aluminum and composite materials, dental milling machines for the efficient machining of all common dental prosthesis materials in dental laboratories, high-speed milling tools as well as high-performance dispensing machines for industrial sealing and bonding applications. With the latest technology secured by numerous patents and the integration into a comprehensive service package, DATRON AG offers solutions for customers all over the world. Nearly 25 % of the employees are active in research and development.

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