“I find it very exciting when it comes to generating new topics and helping to shape things. You can integrate the knowledge gained in research projects, which develops you both professionally and personally, into committee work at the same time,” says Dr. Baitinger. Against this background, one of the company’s focal points is research and development. VERROTEC has already been an active research partner in several publicly funded cooperation projects and is also currently a member of three research networks, including the ZIM innovation network “AMglass+”. In addition to its work in research projects and networks, the engineering company is active in numerous committees and supports scientific institutes in aligning research content with practical needs. In order to be able to cover diverse competences, VERROTEC attaches particular importance to an interdisciplinary project consortium. Also internally the project team is set up in such a way that all necessary competences and the corresponding personnel capacity are available. The reflection at the end of a project is an essential part and goes beyond the financial aspect. For example, it also highlights what has been learned from the respective projects, in which aspects one has developed further in the field of numerics and component testing, and which valuable contacts one has been able to establish.

Verrotec GmbH

Verrotec GmbH is a young, agile engineering services company with a focus on structural glass engineering, façade construction, steel and lightweight structures. The office specializes in cutting-edge projects in structural glass engineering, such as a walkable glass viewing platform on Mont Blanc, executed as an all-glass structure. The services of the office are complemented by distinctive competences in the field of numerical simulations of complex structures and detailed constructions as well as CFD simulations of wind loads of complex designed buildings, expert activities, consulting services as well as experimental investigations of construction details.

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