Individual customer requests are often a reason to think beyond established solution approaches. “You can often get it right in the first step in one way or another. But then the thought is also awakened as to whether there might not be a better way. These are already impulses to take a closer look,” says Thomas Engel, project manager at spannverbund GmbH. “For individual architect’s wishes, the use of additive manufacturing methods can be very suitable, especially in special steel construction. In addition, there are also always points in the research and development work that are too difficult to just work on in passing. You have to dive right in and invest a lot of time.” “You learn a lot in the process, and in addition it’s a lot of fun,” adds technical systems planner Jan Müller.

Spannverbund group AG

spannverbund group AG is a technical leader in steel and steel composite construction in EUROPE with 115 employees.
The group was formed by the merger of the medium-sized companies spannverbund GmbH (D) and spannverbund Bausysteme GmbH (CH).
One of the outstanding advantages of steel composite construction is the ability to carry high loads with precision via slender geometries, and this has been proven over decades.

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