“Load capacity that makes slim” The origin of the slogan of spannverbund GmbH lies in the striving to utilize the mode of action of composite steel construction as effectively as possible. In the beginning, the main focus was on slender, high load-bearing steel composite girders. Starting from this maxim, many other developments have followed over time, in addition to the Geilinger-Stütze®, and a solution-finding mentality has been established within the company. “There are no challenges or topics that we don’t dare to tackle,” says Thomas Engel, project manager at spannverbund. “There’s no such thing as can’t,” affirms Jan Müller, one of spannverbund’s technical system planners. Especially for particularly complex and individual architectural designs, WAAM (Wire and Arc Additive Manifacturing) as an additive manufacturing process for the construction industry in the field of steel printing offers a wide range of possibilities to go beyond the standard.

Spannverbund group AG

spannverbund group AG is a technical leader in steel and steel composite construction in EUROPE with 115 employees.
The group was formed by the merger of the medium-sized companies spannverbund GmbH (D) and spannverbund Bausysteme GmbH (CH).
One of the outstanding advantages of steel composite construction is the ability to carry high loads with precision via slender geometries, and this has been proven over decades.

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