New products in the construction industry always require a standardization process. This lengthy procedure may well take 2-4 years, explains Mr. Hölscher. “It must not only be possible to define the product properties precisely, but also to make them describable during manufacture and verifiable in the process. The process must be linked to the existing set of technical rules and regulations and, via this description, must usually be reconciled with an office specializing in expert opinion and evaluation.”

Dipl.-Ing. Hölscher GMBH

Founded in 1946, Dipl.-Ing. Hölscher GmbH is a specialist in the planning and realization of the entire building envelope. The company’s range of services and products includes consulting in the context of project development and supports construction projects in calculation, design, production up to the finished assembly and acceptance of the building project on site. In this context, Dipl.-Ing. Hölscher GmbH not only offers standard solutions for window and facade construction, but also works with architects and planners to develop object-specific solutions.

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