The current processes for manufacturing glass components work well for standardized products, but individual production within the framework of these processes cannot be realized, or only with a great deal of effort. Therefore, Mr. Hölscher hopes to be able to print “especially complex piece-shaped or piece-related geometries.” “Furthermore, if the technology would allow it, large-area parts with an original geometry are interesting.” For example, to be able to manufacture geometries in 3D, it must first be possible to design in 3D. However, the construction industry is still software and technology-averse, and 2D plans are standard for a design. With regard to 3D manufacturing, this hinders a continuous project-related data flow. To overcome this hurdle, Dipl. -Ing. Hölscher GmbH & Co. KG is also particularly concerned with the topic of digitalization.

Dipl.-Ing. Hölscher GMBH

Founded in 1946, Dipl.-Ing. Hölscher GmbH is a specialist in the planning and realization of the entire building envelope. The company’s range of services and products includes consulting in the context of project development and supports construction projects in calculation, design, production up to the finished assembly and acceptance of the building project on site. In this context, Dipl.-Ing. Hölscher GmbH not only offers standard solutions for window and facade construction, but also works with architects and planners to develop object-specific solutions.

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