Ingenieurbüro Dr. Siebert is based in Munich and has been providing consulting and planning services in the field of structural analysis of load-bearing structures made of glass, steel, concrete and wood for more than 20 years. The office first came into contact with additive manufacturing through two projects. One involved an art project – a tree was to be printed from steel. In the second, a rampant free-form façade was to be accomplished using 3D printing.

“We are open to research projects and are looking for trained and motivated employees who have a passion for such projects,” shares Dr. Barbara Siebert. Her young team covers a very broad spectrum of competences in order to drive creative development projects. In order to open new paths and doors in the future in the field of additive manufacturing of glass and thus in structural glass engineering, the firm joined the ZIM innovation network “AMglass+” in 2020.

Ingenieurbüro Dr. Siebert

The core competences of engineering office Dr. Siebert are in the field of structural glass engineering, where complete services are offered, but also building projects with steel, concrete and timber constructions as well as building in existing structures belong to the business areas. Further, expert opinions and expert reports as well as lectures and training courses are offered.

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